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A Thames Barge Match is like no other. Steeped in rich tradition, the historic barge matches of the East Coast have been running for over 150 years, with the barges pushed just as competitively today as they were in the days of commercial barges.

Photographic opportunities will abound as the barges sail within feet of one another and for those keen sailors who wish to take part in the handling of the gear, the race crew will be happy to provide some instruction.

In a full racing season, there are 9 Thames Barge Matches in total, as follows (nearest town in brackets):

Click on the links above to learn more about individual matches and to book.

Points are awarded at each barge match, with the best performing barge declared Champion at the end of the season. Recent results can be found on the Championship webpage.

Becoming one of our Mate/Skipper patrons means that you not only gain access to up to six to nine Matches a year, but you also support Tiller & Wheel’s community outreach programme, which aims to keep these ships sailing for future generations.

We advise contacting us before booking, as each barge match has it’s own characteristics – there may be early starts, dinghy trips, overnight stays and prizegiving suppers involved.

Before booking, please read the General Information page.

Full details of the day will be emailed once each match Committee has released the full race information.

Once you have signed up through Patreon, you can then book your experience through the following link:

Other barges that regularly compete and take paying passengers include (click links for external websites):

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