Free Sailing Experiences

Tiller & Wheel’s driving ambition is to create a sustainable future for all the surviving smacks and barges of the East Coast. To achieve this, we recognise that these wonderful vessels need to be introduced to as diverse an audience as possible.

As such, from 2021, we are making a proportion of our sailing experiences FREE to the public, removing the barrier of cost to getting afloat.

Our hope is, should you enjoy your experience, you might support our goals and become a Patron, which in turn opens up a wider range of sailing experiences for you to enjoy, from as little as £6+VAT a month.

The 2021 sailing schedule is released to Patrons in November 2020 and to the general public in January 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Please read the General Information page for further details and FAQs

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